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What Our Customers Say:

Exactly what I wanted, fits me pretty well. Looks great in black (more like a graphite color) and seems durable enough for someone who can keep the rubber side down. I'm 5'7" and weigh 145 lbs, the seat has a little flexibility/give, but not much where the sit-bones are.

Nicholas M.

"It looks a lot more uncomfortable than it is. People always comment on how comfortable the seat must be but it is exactly the opposite for me. I have no issues with how comfortable the seat is and it fits me perfectly! There is just enough give that the seat absorbs my weight and I haven't had a problem with it since I received it!"

Shannon J.

Actually its quite comfortable. And its very light and thin.

Dennis K.

Cool seat, very light. Perfect for racing.

Edward A.

Seat is okay and price is rediculously low!... can't be beat.

Lamar E.

Incredible product. Didn't expected to get such thing under this price.

Timothy D.


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